Friday, October 10, 2008

Internet Marketing It's the Law

Lawyers are marketing on the internet more then ever and you know what they need too. If your a lawyer and you ain't using the internet as a marketing tool they you are living in the stone age. The internet gives them access to the largest group of people and almost everyone in the world uses it.

Every business needs a website and they need to establish their brand. Lawyers are no different they need a website and they need to establish their brand name just like everyone else. People thinks they can just buy a website and BOOM business will be flowing in like water. If they think that then they will be sadly mistaken. People need to purchase internet marketing a-long with their website or no one is going to ever find their site. What good is a website if you are not purchasing any internet marketing?

People are using search engines like Google all the time to look for lawyers. They are using search phrases like "Little Rock Personal Injury Lawyer", "Chicago Personal Injury Attorney" or "Columbus Workers Compensation Lawyers" all the time and if your website doesn't show up in the search engines then why even have a website.

So, if your going to have a website it is mandatory that you invest in internet marketing or search engine optimization SEO or the website is going to be worthless.

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