Tuesday, October 28, 2008

YouTube It!

Advertising for any business can be very time consuming and frustrating. The more time you put into your website or business the more you will get out of it, this basically holds true for anything in life. So why not create a small video and post it on YouTube. YouTube is a free form of advertising so you might as well take advantage and use it.

You got to use all the tools the internet has to offer so why not make a video and marketing your business on YouTube. So if you don't have a video your going to have to create one, after you create a video here are some tips when posting the video on YouTube:

1. Do your keyword research

Google AdWord's "Keyword Tool" is a solid program and it is free to use.

The goal is to find keywords that are searched frequently. GEO Targeting would be a good idea here. A good example if you were a lawyer would be a search term like "Chicago Injury Lawyer" or "Columbus Workers Comp Attorneys". The great thing about YouTube is that it ranks so well on Google so, people will be able to find your video using Google or YouTube.

2. Select a Title for Your Video

The title of your video is what the search engines are going to see. So you are going to want to put the words you researched in the title. The keywords in the title of your video are going to be the keywords you are targeting to rank for in Google.

3. Write a Description for Your Video

One of the last and final steps is to make a little description about your video. Most importantly make sure you add a link to your website.

4. Post Your video on YouTube.

Now that you have your video all ready to go all you need to do is just submit it to YouTube.

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