Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Most Competive and Expensive Lawyer Search Terms

What are the most expensive Pay Per Click (PPC) keywords?

Lawyer keyword search terms are some of the most competitive and expensive search terms in Pay Per Click(PPC). According to SpyFu's research 36 of the top 99 most expensive Pay Per Click (PPC) terms are lawyer related keywords. Eleven of the top 30 keywords are lawyer related search terms. Whats more suprising is ten of the top 30 keywords are "Mesothelioma lawyer" and "Dui lawyer" related keywords.

If you want to rank for the search term "Pennsylvania Mesothelioma Lawyers" it can cost you up to $48.41 a click. If you want "Phoneix DUI Attorney" that's gonna cost you $50.00 a click. So say you get 10 clicks in one day that's gonna cost you $500.00 for the day. If you spread that out over a year that's an average of $180,000 a year. Now thats a lot of money.

If you want instant results your going to have to pay a hefty price, but if you have time and patience invest in Natural Search Engine Optimization (Natural SEO).