Thursday, October 23, 2008

Craigslist Marketing for Lawyers

If you are an attorney looking for leads without paying for search marketing then start marketing on It doesn't cost you anything to post an ad on craigslist. The best part about craigslist ads is that search engines are showing these ads on their results.

Here is an example of a craigslist listing i found when i googled the keyword "la train accident attorney". You can see the image at the top.

As you know there was a train accident in LA few weeks ago and you know the families of the victims of the train accident were looking for attorneys. I am sure the train accident lawyer which was on the first page of google from his craigslist listing had few leads come his way. I have also noticed few railroad accident lawyers using as well.

So there you have the proof and the power of Every attorney should start craigslist marketing. Good luck.


lawyers in atlanta ga said...

i have been hearing a lot about this recently, thanks for the tip

Los Angeles Car Guy said...

nice tips for the craigslist ad. too bad they are not do follow or it would be even better! thanks for the heads up