Thursday, October 30, 2008

Steps to take if you are involved in a Truck Accident

Commercial trucks are involved in thousands of accidents every year. Truck accidents involving semi-trucks, vans, dump trucks, fire trucks and tractor trailers can be very serious because of the size of the truck and danger of what the truck may be carrying. As a result of the size and weight of these trucks, it often causes serious injuries to people in smaller passenger vehicles. Smaller vehicles are at a enormous disadvantage in the case of a collision.

The government however has created many laws to make trucking safer and to reduce the risk of truck accidents but due to the growing number of trucks on the highway; the number of truck accidents has increased.

People involved in a truck accident may be eligible for compensation. Only an experienced truck accident attorney can review your claim. There are many truck accident lawyers who are experienced in only dealing with truck accident claims.

Here is a list of things you should obtain after the truck accident.

1- On the day of the accident, police should have made a report about the incident. Get a copy of the report from the police.

2- Also from the police report, get the report number and the investigating officer's name. Also get license plate number of all vehicles involved.

3- Driver information including his/her name, license number and their insurance information.

4- Get a copy of the Insurance information for the truck and trailer owner.

5- Witnesses name and contact information if any.

6- If possible, take pictures of all vehicles involved and scene of the accident.

7- Also try to obtain a copy of your medical examination report.

8- Contact a truck accident attorney ASAP.

So, those are few things you should do after a truck accident. You should also be aware of things you shouldn’t do if involved in a truck accident. Do not make statements about the accident without discussing it with your truck accident lawyer. If police ask for a statement, only give them facts about the accident, do not state opinions or accept any sort of responsibility for the accident. Only sign the police report after reading it thoroughly.

If you or someone you know has been involved in a truck accident in Kansas City MO, contact the truck accident attorneys of Davis, Bethune & Jones today for a consultation.


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A good way to avoid accidents with trucks is to stay away from them on the road.

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You have provided useful information on truck accidents. Truck drivers need drive more carefully because at times it difficult to balance huge loaded vehicles.

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Very interesting.

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